28 07, 2013

Medical science innovations have similar characteristics as any other innovations – however, the experience is highly valued

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This morning I read one Finnish blog text written by Ilkka Tulikoura, one of the most appreciated surgeon in Finland. I don't know much about medical science and I'm not so interested about it. Therefore I came across the article [...]

27 07, 2013

Adidas Springblade sneakers differ from the line, not the first weird running shoes though

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Adidas will soon release the special running shoes including some pretty interesting new technology. The shoes look quite awesome, or weird if you want to express it like that. But anyhow, they are definitely shoes that are going to stand [...]

23 07, 2013

3D motion control is coming to our daily life – has technology actually been faster than expected?! Is Leap motion control the one which change the pattern?

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This post is mostly filled with videos, sorry about that. But I think in this case the videos are much more understandable than words. 3D motion control technology started to come to our homes when Sony released the EyeToy camera in 2003. [...]

19 07, 2013

Supporting and encouraging are important on many levels (part 3/3)

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And again, let’s carry on with the same sport analogy. In that context we can consider immigrants that have got a citizenship of your country and are able to compete under your flag. Then the question is: is it easy [...]

17 07, 2013

Supporting and encouraging are important on many levels (part 2/3)

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Let’s keep going with the sport analogy from the last post. If we come down one level and consider the things within the scope of one country. There are similar track-and-field events but competitors only come inside one particular country, [...]

17 07, 2013

Solar cell car from Standford University

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This just had to be posted because it was so cool. Students can really do impressive things. Especially the design is elegant. video source: IDG News Service What do you think, are we going to drive with solar cars someday? A solar [...]

15 07, 2013

Supporting and encouraging are important on many levels (part 1/3)

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During the last days I’ve been watching European Athletics U23 Championships live in Tampere, Finland. While I shouted “Go Finland” and followed when other people in the stand cheered the most for Finnish competitors I thought topics such as supporting [...]

11 07, 2013

Talent and success

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Have you ever heard that you are talented in some sense? And if yes, has it affected to your life? Did you get some boost to be even better? Do you believe we all have a talent in some area? [...]

9 07, 2013

Technological evolution – so slow now and forever?

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Technology evolves all the time and we cannot stop it. But the question is "can we speed it up?" If we go back to the last post there is a question that easily pop up: Why it took so long [...]

7 07, 2013

R.I.P – Mouse man

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Douglas Engelbart I know this is kind of a late post because the news already came out last week. I'm talking Douglas Engelbart who passed away last tuesday, the man who invented a computer mouse. I can admit [...]