Hi everyone!

I’m a 26 year old guy from Tampere from Finland. I studied product development, improvisation and creativity, and graduated from Tampere University of technology last year  Now, next January, I’m doing the craziest thing of my life, so far. Help me to get everything out of it.

Last summer I decided that I have to take a next step in my career. I said to my awesome Mehackit startup team that I will leave them after this year. After that I just booked flights to New York and back (from January to March 2016). Why? Because I can! And nobody is doing a change for you. You have to do it by yourself. The only plan I have for the trip, is that I have to look for new opportunities and challenges where I can shine and develop myself.

So I wondered if some local (maybe Finnish) startup/company could offer me a change to take a look what they are doing. Or even offer a short internship during February 2016. I don’t need any money but experiences.

I know this kind of things are bold to ask. But if you don’t ask you don’t  get anything, right?

Vesa-Matti Ruottinen

Shortly about my recent background:

I have been involved mostly in startups during last two years. I also have a sole trader company, and I have been founding Tampere Entrepreneurship Society (a local entrepreneurship community). So I know what it is to start to build a business from the scratch.

During this year I have been developing technology education courses to high school with Mehackit. Pretty huge project that has got a lot of attention and is going to change technology education in Finland. Otherwise I have been involved in one hardware product startup and I have been an advisor in one software startup. I also know what is not working, when talking about teams. This is because an year ago I failed the first startup I was involved in. The team just didn’t work and we knew it should be “killed”. Everybody who has worked with startups or projects know that sometimes you have to stop something to go forward. Even it sounds weird.

I’m sure I have gained a lot of experience that you cannot get from big corporations. What I do best, is handling big entities, i.e. project management. But I also love to do concrete things where you can see the results. For instance hands-on physical prototyping is one of my favourite things.

I’m very eager to learn new things and keep fun. I don’t count hours if there’s an interesting project going on.  I’m not afraid of failures but I’m ready to learn from them. I think my spontaneous trip plan also shows that I have a passion to develop myself and climb higher.

Here is one of my creative works that I used when I applied to IDEO’s internship program. They thought that I got a unique mindset, but unfortunately, in interview I heard that it was challenging to take interns outside of the US to this program, so I didn’t get in. But well, that’s their fault when lost the connection with one of the most unique minds in Nordics.



Overall, I know that with the right time, the right place and Finnish “Sisu“, we can achieve something great together.

Just send me a message if you are willing to show your startup or have any useful contacts for me. And please share this post, so I can fully utilize this “once in a lifetime” chance!

Thanks in advance,