Finnish design rocks the world!

In the past there have been many Finnish products that have been successful in the world. For example Alvar Aalto and Arabia products are well known worldwide.

Alvar aalto

A famous Aalto vase from Alvar Aalto.

Arabia muumi

Muumi deisgn products are from Arabia/Iittala.

Some smaller designers, such as Tapio Anttila , Great Apes and Eero Aarnio, have also produced products that have got attention.

tapio anttila

Tuohi design from Tapani Anttila

Great Apes

Application called Laplication from Great Apes.

ball chair

A ball chair from Eero Aarnio.

In addition many technical innovations from different companies, such as Suunto, KONE and Konecranes, have received design awards. And of course everyone knows Angry Birds and Nokia, which have made Finnish design popular around the world.


Now Ari Korolainen has won a golden A’ Design Award in Italy. The winning product was a laptop case that can be carried on your shoulder or on your back, like a light rucksack. The case is manufactured from recycled leathers. As you can see from the pictures below the design is quite simple but elegant.

olga laukku

olga laukku 2


So, congratulations to Ari Korolainen! This, again, shows that Finnish design is fully competetive in the scope of the whole world.