I just came across the article of Pyro Board. It was so awesome that have to be shared. It’s made in Denmark and the technology is based on Rubens’ Tube. Videos below show more.

The whole idea of Pyro Board reminded me about Heineken Ignite that was revealed earlier this year.


I like visualisations because any presentation (whether it is a lecture, party show, theatre performance etc.) is a much more enjoyable experience with some action. It doesn’t have to be anything special, and it can still make a difference. Of course, in the cases above, it certainly is something, but when you think about it, the technology is not that difficult in those applications either. Ideas are pretty simple. You just need some crazy enthusiastic people to implement the things!

And yes, if we link this to organisations, there are simple ideas lingering all around the space all the time, and there are crazy guys ready to implement them. But the question is, will the guys have a chance to try out the ideas? In many cases, no. Or do you disagree?