Well, what can I say about Slush 2015. It was, againg, a huge event with many interesting encounters.

I was in Mehackit‘s (read Comptel’s) stand almost the whole time so I couldn’t really watch the action that was happening on the stages. It was a little sad. However, it was a very nice experience to be not just a participant but actually presenting our thing.

Here you can see our charity bicycle that people cycled and then helped us to get sponsoe money from Comptel. Thanks to all who cycled!


I have to admit that I didn’t find so many interesting talks from the schedule. So it didn’t matter so much, that I didn’t have time to watch the shows. Hope you gained something from the stage performances. Please tell me, what was the best one in your opinion?

Congratulations to CareMonkey for winning the startup 100 pitch competition. I have to say I really liked the satellite data thing too, and I hoped it had won. But well, it was a tough competition. What do you think? Who should have won?

Here are two slides from one show I watched. The speaker was Patrick de Laive

What media has most shares?


When it is a good time to launch bad news of your company?


Hope you all had great time at Slush this year. See you next year. I also got an invitation to Tokyo’s Slush next year, so maybe we meet there, who knows.