Vesa-Matti Ruottinen

Vesa-Matti Ruottinen, M.Sc, Creativity and Startup Manager

I’m a 28-year-old Finn. I studied at Tampere University of Technology, and I did master’s in product development and improvisation. My passion is on startups, creativity, self-development, Finnish high-design brands and community building.

Some things about me

During my master’s thesis (topic: The testing and practical development of a brainstorming method utilizing the principles of improvisation), I became interested in creativity. Since then I have been researching the topic. Resently I’ve ben running the School of Creativity and Design. You can also check one of my old creations Here

Always, no matter which role I have, I want to help people to be better and achieve their goals.

During three last years, I have been working with several startup companies (e.g. Mehackit, Dogs of Joy, and I have been building a Tampere ES (Entrepreneurship Society) community. I have also been sparring other’s ideas towards business (idea owners have been Finns, Europeans and Asian). The lean startup methods have became very familiar within these processes. I also know Design Thinking and Lean Service Creation tools.
My dearest hobby is dance. I have danced West Coast Swing about six years and I couldn’t live without that. I have done the very first choreographies in Finland to that dance, and I’m also teaching the dance. Other important part of my life is music. I couldn’t live without that either. And the third piece is improvisation theatre. It gives me possibilities to be anyone I want to and do anything want to. While working, I try to combine elements from all of these fields and use them as tools.



Big picture thinking

Project Management

My strenghts and capbilities

I love to be creative, but I also want things to be done. In every situation I adopt the role that suits the best.
I want to understand little details but I always want to see how they are linked together and how they form a big picture. I hate unnecessary information, so I want that every piece in the puzzle has a meaning. I also want that there is a schedule for the tasks that have to be done. All of these management skills have become better when I have worked in leading positions in school projects and startup projects.
While working with startups and developing my own ideas, I have adopted a rapid and lean startup culture. I foster the culture where ever I am!
I’m eager to learn new things and develop myself all the time. I’m an extremely fast learner and I adopt new situations swiftly.
I’m a calm person and usually I think before I say. Someone can call me a little slow but personally this behaviour works for me. I usually bring calmness to the place I am, but I won’t forget the energy. I always try to encourage people to give their best, as I do by myself. Many times I’ve referred as a team spirit!
During my thesis process I became interested in facilitation. I read a lot about it. Then I went to Art of hosting training and saw a little different kind of view. Handling with time and space, and generating the things from people instead of leading the group, were interesting approaches. I learned a lot during the training. Since then, I have utilized some of the Art of Hosting principles during my life and work, and I’m very eager to use them in any case, if organizations are willing to try out something new.
Recently I have realized that I love building and managing communities. It’s a way I think I can bring joy for people, and help them to find inspiration and motivation.
My long term goal is to have a global impact before 2020.
If we could have synergies, throw me a message

Helping people, developing new ideas and making the ideas work is really the thing I want to do the most in the future!